When staying at our suites, Las Vegas feels like a second home! These 5 reasons explain why it makes sense to rent SVS units instead of a hotel.

Balconies are usually locked for guests at hotels in Las Vegas. In our units, you are not only getting a spacious and luxurious room but also a balcony with an amazing view!

The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest spot on Earth when looked at from outer space. While our units aren’t in outer space, the Strip still shines bright from any viewpoint our units offer. Get your phones ready for a selfie!

Customer Service
Our customer service team works very fast! Our team is ready to help guests and provide everything needed. In case an additional towel or hairdryer is needed, it will be delivered quickly to you.

Spacious rooms (possibly to accommodate all of your friends in one room), big bathrooms, open balconies… do we need to continue?

You always have a choice! You can eat at one of the numerous restaurants in Las Vegas or prepare a home-cooked meal at home. We provide our guests with all the necessary utensils and essential appliances to make your stay comfortable.