Las Vegas can seem daunting to first-time visitors. There is so much to do and to see that many visitors get overwhelmed. However, there are some essential things to know to make your first visit to Vegas one to remember! We put together a comprehensive list of tips and advice for first-time visitors. Remember to book your next trip with StripViewSuites to make it an unforgettable experience!

The Essentials
  • Be flexible! Don’t plan out your every move when visiting Vegas. There’s plenty to see and do.
  • Take lots of pictures! There’s so much to see all along the Strip and elsewhere. And remember to charge your phone.
Don’t Walk Everywhere
  • Blocks are long, and everything is farther apart than it may appear.
  • Make sure to walk through casinos when it’s too hot or cold to be adventuring outside.
  • Use the monorail and the two buses that run along the strip, the deuce, and the SDX
  • Plenty of Hotels offer shuttles to get from place to place, use them to your advantage
  • If you plan on taking a cab, prepare to wait. Waiting for a cab can usually take around half an hour, so be sure to keep in mind ride-sharing options and public transportation.
Preserve Your Comfort
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes if you plan on exploring the Strip.
  • Make sure you bring water with you everywhere you go. Dehydration in Vegas in the summertime is a bad idea.
  • The sun shines bright, make sure to wear sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a painful sunburn while you’re on vacation.
  • If you plan on spending a lot of time inside, bring a light jacket. The casinos blast the AC during the summer, so it can get rather chilly fast!
Food & Drink
  • Avoid eating between 6 PM-8 PM. These are peak dinner times at any restaurant, and you’ll be sure to encounter very long lines.
  • Steer clear of the casino bars. As long as you are gambling you’ll get served free drinks from the cocktail waitress. Don’t forget to tip!
  • If you’re going to the Club, make sure to drink before you go. Drinks get very expensive, so it’s best to start the party early!
  • Seek out rewards and players club programs. These programs are not just for gambling, and most of the time they include discounts and special offers on food, attractions, and shows.
  • Do your research and take advantage of happy hours and daily specials.
  • Don’t pay the full price tag for show tickets. There are plenty of deals through discount ticket sellers on the strip and online at
  • Don’t gamble unless you know how to play. Many casinos offer free gaming lessons for those who are interested.
  • Don’t play 3 card monte on the strip. It’s always a scam!
Cash is King
  • If you take a picture with your favorite character or any showgirls, be prepared to tip.
  • Figure out how much cash you’ll need beforehand so you can avoid the high atm fees.
Leave the Strip
  • Visit old Vegas at the Fremont Street Experience downtown. Take in the sights of the older casinos while doing some great people watching as well.
  • If you’re going downtown from the strip, take the DEUCE or SDX buses.
  • There’s plenty of hiking and sightseeing around Vegas as well. Try out Mt. Charleston, or Red Rock Canyon for some beautiful views!
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