Trying to elevate your next trip to Las Vegas? Here’s some of our tips for Elevating Your Next Trip to Vegas.

1 – Plan Ahead

Vegas is one of the most lively cities and is always busy. There are so many things to do, however don’t get caught missing out on all the fun by waiting until the last minute. Refrain from planning every moment however plan out things that you can. Most clubs, restaurants and shows take reservations or offer tickets for you to purchase ahead of time. By purchasing tickets or making reservations you’ll be able to bypass lines and save on some of those same-day entrance fees. Be sure to also check-out Allegiant Stadium, T-mobile Arena and other venues to see if there’s any events that may interest you while you’re here in Vegas.

2 – Location is everything

Getting around the strip may seem easy, however Las Vegas Blvd is a fairly long street and if you chose a hotel away from the center you may face expensive taxi and rideshare fares or be subject to high parking fees. The best way to get around this is staying somewhere where you can park for free and have easy walking strip access. Privately owned suites or rentals typically offer this, StripViewSuites typically offers free parking at their properties and have great locations close to all of the action. Pay attention to where many of your activities are planned and it’s distance from your travel accommodations.


3 – Take the little upgrades

Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra here and there on upgraded accommodations, experiences and even meals. Vegas has so many VIP Experiences that in the long run save you time and provide a less crowded experience. This will definitely help you in elevating your next trip to Vegas. Get a room with a Strip view, balcony on a higher floor to truly indulge in this experience. Ask about getting your room decorated for a celebration or treat yourself to some local bakery treats. In the end these little details you’ll remember and will make the difference from a good trip to an excellent experience you’ll never forget.


4 – Recover at the Spa

End out your trip with a spa experience. Many resorts and hotels have excellent spas that top off the Las Vegas Experience. Before you head back home, indulge in a facial and refresh your skin or opt for an aromatherapy massage to truly relax. Don’t be afraid to add in hot stones. Many spas offer all day spa access for a small cost and you’ll have access to saunas, Jacuzzis and steam rooms. This is typically complimentary if you are having a service on that day. Sip on champagne or infused water throughout and feel rejuvenated.


5 – Avoid Hotel Resort Fees

Hotels on the strip often charge “resort fees” for Wi-Fi, pool access, gym and other amenities. These are added on nightly and spike the price of your stay when you arrive at the property and typically are separate from the parking fee. StripViewSuites does not charge any resort fees to guests and they have the same access as others. At the Vdara, Jockey Club and MGM Signature, guests also have access to amenities at the adjacent hotel. Basically providing guests double the amenities without the excessive charge.


Keep these tips in mind and you will certainly elevate your next trip to Vegas.